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Our exposition is centred around our character concept called D., a « man » that we created together during a trip from Krakow to Dresden. As an art work, he is meant to travel, he goes to galleries and art venues and, as a metaphoric artist, he provides installations about his life, with paintings, videos, slide shows and performances.

Because of his need of socializing, D.has a facebook page under the name DeCzlowiek 

That way he can meet new people, and get more chances to be invited to a new place.
This project explores the subject of economic art and contemporary networking with accent of confronting European sensibilities.
Starting in july, we will go on a tour, a « D.tour » and mount new exhibitions which are a direct continuation of our previous works at the KOLONI Gallery in Dresden.

The D. Project is about how we can make an exhibition out of cheap materials and make an art work live and travel on this base. How D. can survive? How long would he be able to travel if we both live in different countries? Till where? What does it says about our conditions as artists? What kind of networking is built out off this project? Does it open new doors for us, new opportunities to show other works? Etc…

D. was trans-national from the beginning - was created by a Polish and a French artist, created for a German gallery, solicited by a Hungarian curator.

The project is strictly connected with travelling. Our character’s life doesn’t exist without people and their reactions. The more he travels, the more people he meets. The project can be treated also as a social experiment. His existence is built on situations in which he appears.

D. is nobody from nowhere, but people attribute features/characteristics to him, he can look similar to some people they know, can remind things, evoke memories. In every person he arouses different feelings, sometimes extreme. Our project is open for people. D. is universal that’s why he can meet anyone and be above social/political/religious divisions. D. cannot be a piece of art without facing new challenges.

“The D.Project” is a story that must be continued.

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